22 11 2007

Attended the ‘Discover Your SecondLife‘ conference day last Saturday and reckon the organisors did a great job. There were about 30 of us in (real) world and about a dozen people ‘in’ world. Got to hear from a few experts and also lawyers, educators and technical folk. I learned a few things:

  • the technology works but is dependent on networks and machines
  • it’s a field day for lawyers
  • expect it not to work (sometimes)
  • some people are doing some good stuff
  • role-plays can work well
  • make sure you know why you’re doing it
  • I need to upgrade my avatar…

Most value for me were Glenda McPherson and Lindy McKeown who had great stories to tell. I think it’s still early days for mainstream but we can do well to learn from what others (who have gone before) have done.