commitment and disappointments

22 02 2008

sometimes you just need to do it. it’s been a while and I’ve been tired and had enough distractions to not want to sit and write something for this blog. nearly happened again tonight but I’m committing myself to typing a few words. it’s an effort, but I know I’ll feel better for it and I may even write something worth reading. commit is a good word when you think about. the Merriam-Webster’s got a good definition that explains it to mean entrust, perpetrate and obligate, while the Wikipedia entry refers to commitment and duty or pledging. all OK by me, that’s the point of sometimes having to do it when maybe you don’t really feel like it.

what a week. work’s been relentless and a few evening gigs means I’m in need of some r&r. some people can pack up and go camping to refresh themselves and I’d highly recommend it. gives you good grounding in lots of ways. anyway, we’re at home this weekend and will check out the Pako Festa tomorrow, read the papers, have a coffee or two and maybe catch a movie in the evening.

I tried to catch a movie tonight but the .mpg I had (of a bittorrent download) wasn’t the complete film! like, right into the guts of the story and things in balance it just stopped – dang. very disappointing. I suppose I can always hire it from the video store and do a fast forward to where I got up to, and savor the ending some other time. disappointments can be a good thing to experience and life’s full of them –  they keep your expectation at an appropriate level. not that I get devastated when things don’t pan out how they might have, but sometimes (now and then is good enough – wouldn’t want to get spoilt or anything) it’s nice to have it all your own way.

i’ve enjoyed the drop of rain tonight – just enough to make some noise on the roof. nice…and I feel better now