being there

25 11 2007

as is being somewhere else … a couple of days in the bush is good for the soul. Just being in another place to take you out of the regular patterns and situation of ‘normal’ life seems to be healthy. Just like a diet and eating well, ensuring you get some ‘other place’ in your life help maintain a healthy aspect on things. Probably goes for whatever you do, playing sport, going sailing, watching a movie or play, putting up a tent somewhere, doing your hobby etc.

So, it was down to Cape Otway and the bush, fresh air, sand instead of bitumen and concrete, trees, water and rocks. Did a great walk down to the Parker River (outlet) where we could see the old timbers buried in the sand of the Eric the Red which ran onto the reef and was wrecked in 1880. Walked around the headland on the rocks and saw a midden that looked like it was slowly been eroded away. It was set up high on the rock looking out over the river mouth and under a natural overhang. Further around the you come across old rigging timbers and rusting bollards and cable from the ship wreck. All goes to making you think about the treacherousness of the sea and how merciless it can be. Then further round to Point Franklin and the southern most tip with raging seas and views to the west of the Cape Otway Lighthouse partially hidden by the mist and spray from the ocean. Walking back up to the car it’s disappointing to see trees that have been killed by hungry koalas who don’t seem to understand crop rotation or sustainability.

Cooking dinner on the open fire and enjoying a quite, still evening is very calming and a great way to get ready for a sleep. The only noise was the occasional Koala having a grunt and a few Kookaburra’s laughing at the coming evening as it got darker … wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.