A list of movies that I’ve found an enjoyable watch. I might annotate them one day, and explain why I feel they’re worth mentioning…
Actually I think I’ll just list all the movies I’ve watched and give them a rating (out of 5).

Juno – 3 stars

The Station Agent I enjoyed this slow narrative examining the relationship/s between three individuals. 3.5 stars

Junebug Humourous, (but touching at times) look at families and ambition. 3.5 stars

Ghost Dog by Jim Jarmusch. I like the soundtrack, the story line is OK and the mix of Mafia/Samurai is interesting. Great stereotypes and I was introduced to the Japanese story, Rashomon. 3 stars

Elizabeth the Golden Age (must go back and watch the one that came before: Elizabeth)Swash-buckling style that povides a glimpse of things may have at court during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. The politics of it all. 3 stars

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford Rather long and slow but a captivating in the sense of portraying the journeys through life of a few interesting characters. Bleak. 3 stars

Everything is Illuminated A different type of holocaust movie with great soundtrack. 4 stars

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