If you made the effort to come and read this I suppose should tell you that this blog is somewhere that I rabbit on a bit. Just getting things down onto paper written, and out of my head is useful and I need to practice that a bit more. I’ll ramble and wax lyrical about all sorts of thing here and hope that while you’ll oblige me, you may also come away with some new insight or inspiration.

I’m also interested in education (teaching and learning) and how we can use technologies to support that endeavour in ways that are useful and authentic. I keep a professional blog called: Learnerbytes

ps. The banner image of this blog is of a family of four Tawny Frogmouths we saw down on Cape Otway in the summer of 2008. The juveniles are having a bit of a sticky at me, while the parents are pretending they don’t exist!

If you’d like to contact me, send an email to: colin (at) colinwarren.net