a dirty weekend

30 06 2008

Well dear reader, this post may not be in the vein that the title may have alluded to…

We went bush for the weekend and had a relaxing time down on the cape. Were very surprised to find a Tachyglossus aculeatus in the annex hiding in a plastic crate. Thought might be best to leave it alone and went for a walk to take in the fresh air. It was a bit cool in the evening but the fire (which took a little while to get going) last night was excellent. enjoyed a glass of wine with dinner (cooked on that excellent fire) and sat up talking till the embers started to glow. A long (broken) sleep with the wind blowing through the tree canopy and no Koala noises (not many around). In the morning I noticed the Echidna had moved and while looking for it noticed that there were two hiding in amongst the crates and folded chairs etc! So, a little Echidna family on the way. Cool! Anyway spent a bit of time cleaning up the place of bark and branches and will need to get the mower out next we come down – soon I hope.

On the way home we were held up by a tree fall (blocking both lanes of the road) at the top of the Otways and helped to get it off the road as a local cut it up with the chainsaw he fished out of the back of his ute… It was damp and dirty but fun!

Home, tired (and dirty/smoky) but refreshed.



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