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22 04 2008

Last weekend we did something a little different. Well, on Saturday paid a visit to the Heide Museum of Modern Art in Bulleen. Strolled around the site that “comprises 16 acres of buildings, gardens and sculpture park presenting a dramatic combination of indoor and outdoor spaces” and we had a picnic in the gardens. Didn’t get to see the Rick Amor exhibition but would like to see his stuff. Saw a segment that features a conversation with him (Episode 10 that you can download) on Sunday Arts (it’s worth subscribing to the podcast…).

The big day was Sunday when we checked out The Golden Plains Arts Trail – 45 artists in 20 locations. The Golden Plains Shire is a sort of rough triangular wedge between Geelong, Ballarat and Lismore. We did about a 350kms round trip from 9:30-5:30 and saw some new (and different) parts of the countryside like Steiglitz, Meredith, Garibaldi, Dereel, Napoleons, Haddon, Smythsdale, Linton, and Werneth. We ran out of time and missed out on Inverleigh, Teesdale and Bannockburn but can get back to these people another time.

We saw the wares of over 20 artists: painters (of all types), sculptures, crafts, paper, printers (lino), furniture etc. I never realised that there were so many people living in the bush around little settlements. They seem to be out in the sticks which is very dry and dusty, and up lonely dirt roads but still close enough to have electricity but need tank water. I suppose many are weekenders but most of the artists seem to be permanent residents. It was amazing to be driving along a lonely flat, desolate even, country road and then suddenly have to turn off into a farm and then walk into a shed that had some wonderful artwork hung around the wall and then have some lovely conversations with these people.

A fair bit to get around to in the one day, but a great concept. Watch out for it next year…



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