the beach as terminator line

15 04 2012

Wow, it’s mid April, Easter has come and gone and the Indian summer we’ve been experiencing will, no doubt, soon make way for cooler weather and remind us that winter is on it’s way. Over Easter we did a block trip and had a bunch of family and friends staying with us. Lots of tents, fire, food and chocolate egg hunts. And this weekend we headed down to the coast for a stroll in the sun at Torquay on a beautiful day…

Torquay boardwalk

We parked at the boardwalk behind the main beach and were quite surprised to see some of the development around Torquay – particularly the thing next to the golf club. It’s becoming quite the  coastal resort.

We walked around and up to the headland before climbing down the stairs to the beach. A few people out diving and others walking on the rocks and checking out the pools. Further to the west down towards the surf beach a pack of surfers vying in the meagre swell for a wave to catch. Having a 180 degree view from the headland highlighted the terminator that the beach is – that beige coloured line between the land and ocean. It’s a wonderful transition between the two.

Torquay ocean

We rock-hopped back around towards the estuary at sea level and enjoyed watching children playing amongst the rocks. Brought back wonderful memories of our boys enjoying the beach when they were little and learning all those things about the beach – sand, surf, & salt water. Hmmm, good times.



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