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9 12 2007

Had a couple of wallabies (Swamp Wallaby – Wallabia bicolor?) jump past whilst sitting around the camp fire recently – enjoyed watching them much more than the Koala’s ruining the trees. they are the (brush tailed) possums aren’t too bad – there doesn’t seem to be too many of them and they only come out at night. they do seem to have a problem with the fire at night – they stop right above us during their traverse of the tree canopy and take a leak right over the fireplace. so, make sure you’ve got a hat on! (we’ve actually had an invasion of these at work – they get in the roof cavity and bang around a bit, occasionally falling through ceiling tiles!) …and then there’s the occasional (yellow bellied) glider which is a special treat – magical even. you can hear them coming through the bush with their screeching and then all of a sudden they hit the tree. if they’re on the move they clim straight up and then launch off without a sound and smack inot another tree up to 100 meters away!

We’re also spotting some bunnies in the bush – suppose they’re everywhere, even saw one hopping across a carpark at North Geelong railway station that other night! We’ve also had a fox sniffing around the campsite in the past, but it has mysteriously disappeared to be seen no more…



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10 12 2007
Keith (22:23:33) :

Talking about possums, I remember people sending in complaints to the ex-premier of Victoria (“do something about it, Bracksie, there are millions of them!”), and his answer was: “Well they were here first, weren’t they.”
Now canetoads, that’s a problem, there are millions of them here in Brisbane. And they were not here first. When is the CSIRO going to do something about them toadies?

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