it gets worse before it gets better

6 05 2012

With James’ & David’s help we’re making some progress on the front garden. The first thing we did was pull out all the Alyssum, reset the blue stones into the curves we want and dug some trenches. We also cut back the Ficifolia (Flowering Red Gum) that’s spread itself out over the front yard. We’ve also set out the iron rings which will act like planters and contain the bigger tress. I’ve treated the insides & bottom edge a little with anti rust, but they should rust up nicely on the outside. 

Iron rings

The other thing we’ve done is treat the ends of the timber that will make a wall between the iron rings and divide the garden from the driveway. Used something not quite creosote, but still black & sticky which should help make the timber last when buried in the ground. 

Treated timber

Next steps will be to cut and set the timber in the ground, and bolt a steel strap across the tops to hold them together and tie in with the rusty iron planters. Then maybe we’ll be able to start some planting. 

the cycle of the seasons

21 04 2012

As Autumn approaches things are changing in the garden. The flowers on the Haemanthus Red have faded and died, but left seeds to create the next generation… James came by this morning and repotted the leafy bulbs into the old wheelbarrow which should mean we’ll have a great display next season when they bloom again.

Haemanthus bulbs

We’re getting ready to do some work in the front garden which is long over due. I’ll document the progress of the transformation from a field of Alyssum that it’s become, to a designed low maintenance garden. It will feature a timber wall, some iron rings, and a bunch of interesting plants…

Alyssum field 

So, hopefully by the time there’s another change in the seasons we’ll be all set for Spring to encourage some growth in the new garden.